Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lebanese Baklawa - Part I

I am a proud member of the North Bay Farmer's Market, I want to take this chance to encourage every one of you to support your local farmer's markets vendors, and buy local food produce and baking goods, they are working very hard and from the heart to provide you with something clean, tasty and unique . Different than what you can find at your local stores. I sell Lebanese food and Baking at the NBFM.

Here are some of my Baklawa which I sell at the North Bay Farmer’s Market and you can place an order or come see me at the Market starting May 17, 2009 till Mid of October 2009.

blossom's baklawa

Oussmalieyeh - Shredded phyllo stuffed with cluttered cream topped with pistachios

Creamed stuffed Baklawa -Semolina Cream stuffed Baklawa

Multi nuts Baklawa

Nuts fingers

Chocolate fingers Baklawa

Cashews coffee flavoured Baklawa

Almond spices Baklawa

Apricots & Pistachio Nuts Baklawa

Cranberry & Hazelnuts Baklawa

Birds's Nests made from shredded phyllo and stuffed with pistachio nuts


Sketched Soul said...

Hello Arlette,
You have one of the best food blogs I've come across! I LOVE all the recipe you've posted.

I will definitely be trying them out :D

Thank you for sharing.

Love Farhana

Arlette said...

Hello Farhana

thank you very much for you sweet words and support...
please let me know if you try any recipe
take care

Taste of Beirut said...

Amazing! I had no idea you had such an encyclopedic knowledge on baklawa! I am very interested and impressed and wish I live nearby to sample it at the Farmer's market!