Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Yeast Went Wild

My Sourdough Starter Experience
I usually make my sourdough starter from mixing flour and water, and let it ferment for 24-48 hours. I wanted to experiment with different techniques giving my starter a new flavour and aroma, and after a good research I made my starter with Raisin water instead to get the wine smell and flavour. You can of course do the starter with 1 cup flour and 3/4 cup of water
and loosly cover with a lid dont close the lid a towel , Let it ferment and rise again for six hours, and better overnight.
But let me warn you to avoid my mistake, my starter was alive crazily, I didn’t expect it to rise so high , I didn’t put a deep plate under my plastic bowl, I never expected the starter to rise overnight this high, to open the lid and pour over on my table ( I have a Plastic table cloths) I lost more than half of my starter, and had to feed it again to get enough to make my bread for the market.
every time you take from the starter you need to feed it again , and let it rise at least six hours and better overnight. the next day you can return it back to the fridge.

See the results of the breads I made from the same starter, and I am so happy, I use it to any kind of dough which required yeast in the mix. And what a difference!!!.
Try it and let me know
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