Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The September Challenge was posted in the Walima Blog and the Walima Arabia giving the chance for blogger and non blogger to cook with us.

We are representing the Jordanian Cuisine with National Dishes from the Hachemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Again any one can participate, and cook with us. For non bloggers if they are interested to post their photos with us, please email me before the 30th of the month .


Chrish Tiyan said...

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bordjienne said...

bonsoir arlette , saha ftorek je vais faire mon possible pour le challenge inchallah en tout le cas je tenverrai un mail pour te dire bisous

jouhayna said...

hi arlette
thanks for visiting my blog
i like the last challenge, i'll soon try to do mansef, it'll be a new experience and a new challenge, but for kounafa, i can't find it in supermarkets in my city, but i'll find some ideas to do the dessert

Anonymous said...

These challenges are very interesting! I enjoyed reading about the Iraqi cuisine and looking forward to seeing Jordanian dishes - I'm not at all familiar with these cuisines!

Lisa Michelle said...

Arlette, I have a little 'something' for you at my blog. You can grab it here *hugs*

Touria said...

Happy to hear from you