Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Two new Cooking Challenges in September - New Electric Meter and a damaged computer

Hello every one.... I bet you were wondering where I was hiding all this time...and not posting anything since three weeks. I am sorry I was not able to post any of my recipes, I had lots to share, and many photos of all my summer baking, canning and preserves. My computer broke down couple of weeks ago.
When I was cooking Lebanese pumpkin jam recipe for the market, an employee from the City came knocking at my door telling me that they are working outside and changing the electric meters in the area. I asked him if he can wait couple of minutes till I finish what I am doing as I cannot leave my jam and go and shut down all the electric equipment, and he assured me that this will take minutes and nothing will happen. I didn't bother go downstairs to the office to shut the computer or the stove and kept stirring my jam. The microwave bulb was burned and this is not a big deal, as I have another unit... but when I went downstairs to check on the computer I couldn't restart it again, I panic, because my husband files and programs are all saved in the computer .

The computer was sent for repairs to save Michel's files and programs, and hoping to save my photos and my cook book. The technician managed to save the programs and all the documents, and some of my photos only. I lost many files and photos….

The daring baker challenge for Sept was hosted by Steph from a Whisk and a Spoon, she choose Michel Richard Puff Pastry dough – from the book “Baking with Julia” for Dorie Greenspan.
Since I used and enjoyed baking my puff pastry…. I saved all the scratch pieces for a rainy day when I need to prepare something quick and tasty , they will come handy. I didn’t know that they will end up my life-savour to prepare another remake for the challenge and platter of tasty appetizers
Caramelized Onions and Roasted Chicken - Roasted Chicken mixed with Mhamarah Dip
Wild Mushroom Mix - Feta , Kalamata Olive and Mhamarah Dip (Roasted Red Pepper and
Walnut Dip)

Mushroom , Green Onion and Green Pepper mix - Feta, Kalamata Olives and Mhamarah (this came as a test , the flavour was excellent)

Caramelized Onions and Roasted Chicken - Roasted chicken and Mhamara Dip

puff pastry dough - Chicken Onion mix - Mushroom Mix and Mhamara Dip

1- Caramalized Onions & Roasted Chicken Filling:
roast the chicken in the oven, caramalized the onions till they are golden brown then slice the chicken and add it to the onions with some chicken stock, sumac, pomagranate molasses, cumin, hot sauce, and walnut mix to combine well.
2- Wild Mushroom & Green Pepper Filling:(veggan)
cook the mushroom with couple spoons of olive oil , clean the green pepper and chop them the same size, clean green onions and chop them add them to the fried mushrooms, thym, black pepper, salt, minced garlic, marjoram, and jalapeno pepper, cook and mix well .
3- Roasted Red Pepper , Feta and Black Olive Filling:
I had some Roasted Pepper Dip (Mhamarah) I mixed some feta and black kalamata olive . The flavour was excellent
4- Roasted Red Pepper & Chicken Filling:
I save some of the roasted chicken and mixed it with the roasted pepper dip and made a nice filling.


Taste of Beirut said...

Hi Arlette
Sorry to hear about all your computer problems. It is so disheartening to lose files!

pierre said...

hello Arlette,
If you like French creative cuisine come and see my blog you are very welcome and the last recipe is in english ! see you then !!
Cheers Pierre

Lisa Michelle said...

Arlette, your vols-au-vent fillings look and sound amazing!! I could eat those up in a nano second!

On another note, I keep replying to you on that Yahoo email IM thingy, but I don't think you get them. Maybe we ought to just stick to email! lol I'm always logged into my yahoo mail, as my computer is always online, but I'm noit always

://: Heni ://: said...

Sorry to hear about your computer ... I had been mmissing your posts! But the dish is looking great! I just did vol au vent the other day!