Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Awards

I am happy and honored to receive this Award from two lovely ladies : my friend Heni and from my friend Joumana

I already spoke about myself and the things I like, but if I can add one wish:
"find a treasure with lots of money, to buy food and water and help the hungry people around the world , and bring beautiful smiles to the sad faces this Christmas.

In return I like to give this award to Seven Bloggers:

1- Mona Saboni from
2- Nisrin from
3- Touria from
4- Afaf from
5- LisaMichele from
6- Samira from
7- Mag from


Lisa said...

Thank you SO MUCH for this lovely award, Arlette..I'm terribly flattered! I'll post it and pass it on in my next entry :)

That said, I forgot to mention in my other comment, everything you've baked since I last stopped is mouth watering and extremely beautiful )Loving the flower cookies). No wonder you sell these yummies like hotcakes. You're so talented :) I keep forgetting, but I need to add you to my blogroll!!!

SimplyHeavenFood said...

Arlette, thank you so much! It was a very nice surprise for me, so much appreciated! :):)

ღ♥ღ alyaman ღ♥ღ said...

شكراااااا ارليتا الغالية
تسلم الاوورد واصحابها هههه

MAG said...

Thank you sooooooo much Arlette :-) Mabrouk to you for receiving the award, you deserve it the most for gathering us all in an exciting and creative cooking club such as Walima :) I wish you all the best with all your projects.

Touria said...

Marhaba Arlette
Thanks a lot for this surprise
Best wishes my duear for you

Mona said...

Thank you Arlette for this award ,you know I had a very refreshing feeling after I read your post ..I'm really flattered!

Thanks a lot :)


sabah said...

Thanks Arlette for your visits and for your nice comments, I really appreciate it.

Lisa said...

Arlette, have a wonderful, safe and happy holiday! *hugs&

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...


Happy Holidays and all the very best for the New year!



tasteofbeirut said...

I like your wish to bring a smile to sad faces this Christmas. I totally agree.