Friday, March 19, 2010

When Middle Eastern Cuisine meets Chinese Techniques

Since I posted the Lebanese Street Kaak Bi Semsem, I wanted to do an additional posting for the Date Stars Bread, which is very popular in Lebanon, its a sweet bread stuffed with dates and cut in the shape of a star, for the sweet tooth in us. You find these stars in every bakery in Lebanon, small to a multi stories ... You can buy them from the bakery when you purchase your pita bread, also the street vendors sell them beside the Kaak Bi Semsem.

I want to take this chance to thank my dear readers; the Kaak Bi Semsem is the highest hit in my blog, followed by homemade yogurt.

I like to do another posting for two more street breads, one for kaak Allete which is a round thick sponge bread stuffed with oregano sumac mix or Dakkah. The second one is the big Barazik, extra large sesame seeds crunchy cookies. All these breads are part of my childhood; and because my mom is very strict when it comes to our food and very concerned to what we are eating. We were not allowed to buy any junk treats or beverages from the stores. She will take us to the bakery for these breads, and we buy them fresh, our drink will be freshly squeezed orange juice or lemonade.

my head is full of her stories about the food preparation and sanitation. (do you believe that I didn’t taste hot dog until I came to Orlando; my dear friend John from work, brought me a hot dog sandwich and said your mom is not here watching, I want you to taste it, I did eat it, but to me, it’s was not the big deal every one go crazy about. When you think what kind of meat they used in preparing these dogs.

I have to thank my mom for her care and concern about our safety, and what we put in our mouth, and because of her, I do every thing I like from scratch, knowing what I am using in my food, and going to my body.

For these yummy breads, I used the Hokkaido Milky Bread Recipe, instead of the additional Rye Flour I used Whole Wheat, and doubled the recipe and made the Stars, and the Brioche, which I stuffed with pastry cream and dark chocolate.

To make the date softer and easy to spread I warmed it with a spoon of butter and added some cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg, I like the spice flavour in the date and it’s a good vehicle to add spices. You can use your preference.

When I took the brioche out of the oven the cream and the chocolate were oozing out of the dough, burning hot, I didn’t dare taste it. Beside it was almost midnight, I don’t want to eat and sleep… This morning I am enjoying a very nice cup of coffee with one of these babies… and All I can leave you is my photos to drill……………

Dear Readers do you have special bread or treat from your childhood days you like to share about.


Azure Islands Designs said...

Mmmmm...those look delicious know me I love all kinds of bread! :0)

I eat hot dogs now and then but I prefer them on the BBQ & well done!

Mary said...

Arlette, you photos today are absolutely stunning. Well done my friend.

tasteofbeirut said...

I love these photos and the breads are amazing! Would you believe I have never had the star-shaped one! I want to make it with your recipe some day. I wish though I could just buy it fresh from a good bakery in my town! Oh well, guess i will just have to make it.

://: Heni ://: said...

O wow Arlette, I love the look of your buns! I iamgine they taste as good as they look machallah!

Saveurs et Gourmandises said...

Tes pains sont magnifiques.
J'aurai bien pris une tasse de thé avec un pain au chocolat ou aux dattes.
J'adore ça.
Bon weekend.

Amal said...

Waouw!! Wonderfull!!
Very well done Arlette!
I love this stars bread, i used to eat it every time i go to Lebanon...
Thank you for sharing, i'll try your recipe for sure..
Take care my friend!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Yes it's best not to think about what they use in hot dogs hehe! :P They look wonderful! :D I have so many treats from childhood that I still love and I get very excited when I see them in the stores or on the dinner table!

Angie's Recipes said... are quite a baker!

Cinnamon-Girl said...

What beautiful breads! They look absolutely delicious! I'm looking forward to making my Mom's Easter Bread next weekend.

Mamatkamal said...

Salam Arlette,
I wish they had hot dog warnings in the packages same as they do with cagarettes lol.
I love dates and these brioches are absolutely stunning! I love the star shape, gorgeous. You are such a great baker Arlette.

kouky said...

merci Arlette pour ces merveilleux petits pains!! j'adore l'idée de les farcir de pâte de datte délicieusement parfumée aux épices!!déja que j'ai toujours aimé les maamouls!!sinon je voudrai partager avec toi ces petits pains que me faisait ma grand mère dans mon enfance,toujours chargés d'émotion!!
sinon pour le tiramisu c'est effectivement des lady fingers!
bises! kouky