Friday, May 7, 2010

My thanks to you

I want to take the chance to thank all my good friends who inspired me through their food and recipes Mary of One Perfect Bite, Angie of Angie’s Recipes and Isabelle of Les Gourmandises d’Isa.  Also I like to add my thanks to the authors of the Artisan Bread in five minutes a day for their recipes.   Here are some of the baking photos I made for the Shows.

French Puff Breads & Flat Breads
Inside the bread
Chocolate Babka - Recipe from Mary
Maple Cranberry Bread - Recipe From Angie

French Puffed Bread
Apricots,Dates & Spices Bread

Walnut Bread
Flat Bread with fruit and spices
Raisin Cinnamon Bread

Cinnamon Buns
Ninety Cinnamon Buns and 15 Raisin Breads (Brioche Base dough- Recipe Artisan Bread Book) and 20 breads were sold in less than 1.30 minutes
Nightingale Nests Baklawa
Meat Pastries - Meat Borek
Roasted pepper Bread

My favourite
These were in my two fridges for three days total of 25 bags

Maple Caramel Bars - Isa

Maple fudge with White Chocolate -  Isa


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What gorgeous creations! Those breads look so scrumptiou and fluffy! I really love that mankousheh and the chocolate babka, yummy!



♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Arlette, u have the most gorgeous breads here, and i hope i was there too:-))
What a fantastic collection and am sure everybody enjoyed them ,aint suprised that they were finished so sooooonnnnnn...

ANd the Maple treats are absolutely gorgeous too...way gorgeous!!!
Love them all!!!
Will watch this space for d recipes now and have a super day!!!

Mamatkamal said...

Lovely bread and great photos! They all look gorgeous, the one at the top looks so soft and fluffy, I love it. Lucky you.

Rachana Kothari said...

What an amazing collection of breads! I really love the choco babka and also the maple fudge, yummy!!!!

Have a nice weekend!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What an amazing spread of breads! You baked all of those? Wow, I'm so impressed at the variety and imagination-so many delicious flavours :)

Angie's Recipes said...

wow.....look at all the different kinds of bread! Oh my...I am really impressed.
The caramel bars look awesome!

gourmandelise said...

Quel délice toutes ces créations!!
Elles mettent l'eau à la bouche!!

A Canadian Foodie said...

I have not been keeping up - so don't know what shows you mean - but if you baked all of that bread in a day or two, I sure hope you are resting now! It is gorgeous. I want the recipes and techiniques. Are they elsewhere on your sight? I am in awe of your perseverence, and bread baking skills. I just took a course when I was away in the UK from Richard Bertinet in Bath that I wrote about. It was fantastic. I have baked bread most of my life - but really need to branch out to these different kinds. I really appreciate this post. It is motivating, inspiring and a wee bit intimidating... but I think I can rise to the challenge one loaf at a time.

Arlette said...

Hello Valerie

These are only samples of what I baked , yes in two full days and night.

I love making breads, and creating different flavours every time.

://: Heni ://: said...

Everything looks wonderful Arlette! i wish I lived near you! LOL How is your catering bus going? enchallah well i pray!

Cinnamon-Girl said...

What a delicious array of breads! You have a gift for bread baking!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow, those are some gorgeous baked goods! Yum!

My Carolina Kitchen said...

What an absolutely fabulous selection of breads. It could rival any French boulangerie.

elra said...

What a wonderful display of bread. They all look scrumptious!

tasteofbeirut said...


Good thing I am not in your kitchen or I would have eaten all of the above!
I am going to try to participate in your challenge but I am fairly busy right now.
Take care