Sunday, December 14, 2008


During the old days the Kibbee used to be prepared in a mortar and pestle, and up till this date the people who live in the country still use the old methods in preparing their food. The flavor of the kibbee prepared in a mortar has a better texture and flavour than the kibbee prepared in an electric food processor. its a labor and a reward flavour.
pounding the meat in the mortar with a pestle to break all the tissues and make it smooth, then you add soaked burghul and you pound it again, until the mixture become very smooth .

There are several kinds of Kibbee with the way you prepare it and cook it, you can prepare it as balls either you fry it in hot oil, or you brush it with little fat and bake it over the charcoal , also you can stuff it with meat and suet and bbq it and the fat inside it will cook it through.
also the same kibbee balls after they are fried you can cook them in a boiling sauce or stock or hot yogurt. As well the dough can be devided intro two parts, in a buttered tray you spread the kibbee in the bottom of the tray, dipping your hands in water to flatten the first layer in the bottom then you spread the stuffing on top , then add the second layer of kibbee on top and dipping your hand in the water to smooth it and make it level and one thickness. then cut it into diagonal shape don't dip the knife too deep to reach the bottom layer, only you are making a design

add clarified butter over the kibbee and around 1/4 cup of olive oil, you might think its too much fat to cook the tray, but you need to have enough fat for baking, other wise it will come out dry and break apart when you slice it. When it bakes you can take it out of the oven, and put another tray over it and drain all the excess fat, before the kibbee rests and soaks it. The kibbee takes around an hour in a 375F hot oven to turn golden brown.

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