Monday, December 15, 2008

Original Assyrian recipe for home made baklawa dough

I am proud that my Syriac ancestors left behind this recipe which was the birth of a gourmet dessert. I heard from several people who are still using this old recipe, it taste better than the one prepared with phyllo. I need to give it a try one day and see the difference.

Dough for two large baking pans
. Six egg whites slightly beaten
. Five pounds of flour
. Two egg yolks
. 1 tbsp salt
. 1 tbsp baking powder
. ½ cup rendered butter
. 7 cups of more water

Sift flour, salt, and baking powder into large pan. Push dry ingredients to one side. In other side of pan, add water, egg whites, egg yolks, and butter. Work flour into liquid gradually until mixed. Knead thoroughly. Dough should be of soft consistency.
Cut and shape into balls the size of an orange. Roll in cupped hands until smooth. Dust with cornstarch and set aside for a few minutes. Pat out each ball to inch thickness then stretch out tissue thin and place directly into generously buttered baking pan. These sheets of dough may also be dried before placing into baking pan.
Place 25 sheets of dough in pan, brushing butter between each sheet. Do not butter top sheet. Spread nut filling and cover with 22 sheets.

Note: For each tray of Baklawa use 2 lb. of Commercial Dough


farida said...

Arlette, thank you for stopping by my blog. I am checking out your baklava recipe per your referral:) It sounds great! I am saving your recipe to make one day. Thanks for sharing.

Arlette said...

you are welcome..

If you noticed for the Christmas Craft show I made more than one kind of Baklawa
thank you for your sweet comments.