Thursday, January 8, 2009


Tfadalou - Come join us................

Indoor BBQ Kabab Batinjan

Couple of days ago we were craving a BBQ meal; the weather was stormy with 80 km strong winds and heavy snow. It was not convenient at all to do outdoor BBQ.

I prepared my ground pounded beef (usually we use ground lamb) added salt, black pepper, and a dash of Allepo red pepper chili which is powerful (usually the meat turns red from the Allepo pepper they add) I added a tsp of paprika instead and let the meat marinate with the spice for an hour to get a good flavour.

Prepare your grill, cut your vegetables, you can quarter the onions, cube some green peppers, quarter some fresh tomatoes, in advance you slice your Italian eggplant and soak it in salted water, then drain and squeeze any juice, and this will discard any bitter taste.
Take a small piece of the meat turn it into a ball and skewer between a piece of eggplant and onion and continue, with the rest.
If you are stuck with a bad weather like me and you need to BBQ indoors make sure the fan is on and a slight opening of a window is needed to circulate the air.
When the skewers are well cooked I empty them in a Pyrex casserole and put them in a warm oven to keep them hot, after I finish the meat and veggies I add my tomatoes as they don’t take more than couple of minutes, then I add the tomatoes on top and leave them in the oven for 10-15 minutes so everything is tender and cooked all the way through, serve on pita with tahini sauce or garlic sauce.

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