Monday, January 5, 2009

Story of a drunken chicken

A Beer Marinated Chicken with home made Roasted Potatoes

Do you think I taned enough or I need more!!!!

Marinating the meat with beer is not something new in Lebanon, and there are many recipes which call for marinating the meat overnight in beer or wine. I used to prepare chicken pieces (thighs and breasts) and marinate them in beer for 24 hours, the next day I take them out into a baking dish and bake them in the oven and something grill them on a charcoal grill, they come out tender and juicy with lots of flavours.

What is new though is the chicken BBQ Beer Rack Stand (you can find it at any supermarket in the BBQ section of the store for 8-10 dollars)
You insert a can of beer in the rack and sit the chicken over the beer and you cook it either on the BBQ or even in the oven.

To me the time which takes the chicken to cook is not enough to develop the flavours or the juiciness I am after, so I tried my recipe using a Lebanese method with North American technology and the results was superb juicy tender chicken inside, and golden brown color outside.

1 air chilled chicken
¼ cup BBQ Dry Rub (I do my own blend)
Can of beer (with mild flavour)
Lucky me I was in a beer bath for over 8 hours.

The day before, wash the chicken well and trim the extra fat. Put the chicken inside a freezer bag inside another deep bowl, empty a can of beer over it in the bag, and let the chicken marinate in the beer for overnight up to 12 hours, making sure you turn it around couple of times. Save your empty can you will need it for the second day.

After the bath, I have some makeup on and ready for the Tan

Here is the trick:
The second day, take the chicken out of the bag, and dry it well with paper towel, put it aside, then carefully empty the beer in the bag back in the can and insert it inside the BBQ stand. Prepare you dry rub, and sprinkle it generously all over the chicken and rubbing with your fingers making sure all is quoted, insert the chicken over the beer rack, and place the rack inside another tray to catch any juice. You can either BBQ on the grill or in a preheated oven at 350F for 90 minutes or until the meat thermometer register 180 degree.
The results are a juicy tender chicken with golden color, and you will not taste the flavour of the alcohol.

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