Friday, February 13, 2009

BloggerAid CookBook

Hunger has become practically invisible in the developed world. We rarely encounter it face to face. If we do see hunger on our television screens, it is likely to be on the face of a child. It is through the eyes of a hungry child that we can best understand the incredibly debilitating nature of hunger, its erosion of a child’s body, mind, and future. Countless millions of children have enjoyed the most basic of human rights, the right to food and education, thanks to the dedication and vision of George McGovern.

Blogger Aid is a Social Network of International Food bloggers,founded by Val of More Than Burnt Toast, Giz of Equal Opportunity Kitchen and Ivy of Kopiaste…to Greek Hospitalilty to raise awareness and funds to alleviate hunger world wide. In there latest ambitious project, for raising funds, all foodies are invited to contribute to the Blogger Aid Cookbook.
Sales will be directed to a specific program by the World Food Programme(WFP).
Rules can be found on the forum page of the Social Network of BloggerAid. The cookbook is targeted for sale on Amazon by December 2009.

It has been decided to extend the deadline until March 31st for cookbook recipes submission. Check on BloggerAid for more information. You don't need to be a member of BloggerAid to submit a recipe . You just need a willingness to share your love of food from around the world and want to be involved in raising awareness and money for this program. There is no cost to you – just a sense of satisfaction that comes from participating in this exciting project and seeing your name and recipe in print.

100% profit from the cookbook sale will go toward the "WFP" largest areas of assistance "School Meals"

75 million primary school-aged children do not go to school
97 percent of them are in developing countries
57 percent of them are girls
150 million children drop out of school before attaining basic primary education
Check the BloggerAid for more information.


Around the world, more than 400 million school-aged children suffer from hunger. The majority of these children – most of them girls – do not attend school.
School meals programs involve just what the name implies – providing meals in schools. The idea is simple; the impact is significant. Serving food at school not only fights hunger among the world’s poorest children, it also helps get them into school, providing them with an important key to a better future – an education.

Where school meals programs are offered, enrollment and attendance rates increase significantly, particularly for girls. Students also stay in school longer. Academic performance improves as well; students with a full stomach concentrate better and comprehend material more quickly.

Through its school meals programs, WFP places special emphasis on girls' education. In areas where enrollment rates for girls are particularly low, WFP works with families and communities to help make it possible for girls to attend school. In some cases, a girl’s good attendance is rewarded with food for her family. These take-home rations can be eaten by the family or sold to make up for the loss of the girl's labor at home. This kind of program makes education affordable and encourages families to send their daughters to school.

School meals programs also help expand the reach of a number of other important activities, including de-worming campaigns and HIV/AIDS education.

Chicken Kibbee is a total new Lebanese recipe - I created it specially and dedicated as my entry for the BloggerAid CookBook.
I incorporated healthy flavours bringing the Traditional Kibbee Recipe to a new level.


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Thanks for the great writeup Atlette and for helping to raise awarenss.

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you are most welcome dear Val
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