Monday, April 20, 2009

A Week of Baking in Photos - Part III

I didn't have any Matcha powder (green Tea), I used one envelope of good quality green tea.
I divided the mix intro four flavours, I wanted to experiment. I added 1 1/2 tbsp of cocoa powder to get the chocolate flavours, and I baked it in the same temperature at 325F for 18minutes... the chocolate cookies cracked. Later I discovered that chocolate macaroons are different and needs different recipe and oven temp.... Live and learn

For the original recipe i sprinkled some cracked caramel on top and in the frosting

Oh I forgot to mention that I used a spoon to mold my macaroons, I was lazy to fill three pastry bags

For the pink macaroons I tried to add a design on top with different color.
the frosting was white chocolate and rasberry

I always wanted to try making macaroons. but didn't find the time to do it, or at the last minute the recipe will be changed to something else...

Until one day I decided this is the day. It was stormy outside and we did get snow, yes, it snowed in April, I had my bulbs out and the crocus were ready to open. when the white snow covered them again.... I was so mad, I was so looking forward to Spring and to see my flowers and the green around me... enough white powder.... I had more than two meters of snow on my lawn . The closer to go by the Lake the snow still hard there , the lakes are still frozen and you can walk on the lake.

I always admired Helene's (Tartelette) Macaroons. When I spotted her step by step recipe at the Dessert Magazine, I decided to try it see the result.... Here are some step by step photos.
It's snowing outside, by the early evening everything was covered with 10 cms of snow


amal said...

Marhaba Arlette
humm what a tasty flavours! I love macaroons too .. you know the origin of macaroons is Lebanese and Syrian!! yes, originally it was the "Laouziéh" ( from Louz)...
Take care

Arlette said...

are you serious????
i should have known to write about it... did you post the story on your blog you should

amal said...

yes i did write about it, with the reciep of chocolate macaroons..

Take care

Yasmeen said...

delectable macaroons,love all the flavors.thanks for visiting my blog,I'm from India,but love to cook from cuisines around the world:)

Julia @ Mélanger said...

Good work on the macarons. I've been making a few recently and they are tricky!

amour de cuisine said...

I love macaroons, I keep trying to do my best, I failed twice, but the third time was better, any way happy to visit your blog, and thank you for your comment

Arlette said...

Hello Ladies,

thank you very much for the comments and your visits. This was my first attempt, and I will try to do them again,hopefully they will look more professional.