Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walima monthly challenge

Dear Readers, bloggers and non bloggers....

We are opening the door for a chance to join us and learn about the Arabic Food, and Middle Eastern Cuisine... You can now cook with us and even post your food photos as well.

We do monthly Challenges, we are going by Latin alphabetical order and choosing two recipes from every Arab country, one savoury and one dessert, we choose which one to cook , you can do both if you like, the posting is on the 30th of month, so if you are a non blogger and wish to
cook the challenge and post your photos, you can send me your photos by email before the end of the month to be able to post them on the Walima Arabia Blog.

for this month challenge which represent the Iraqi Cuisine please go to our http://www.walimaarabia.blogspot.com/ for the recipes..

Hoping to see your food photos soon..... !!!!

1 comment:

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